Veterinarians in New York State are governed by the New York State Education Department, Office of Professions and Rules of the Board of Regents, Part 29. Part of this includes information pertaining to Unprofessional Conduct. Anyone who believes a veterinarian in Western New York has conducted business in an unethical or unprofessional manner should refer to the name and information listed below.

Lou Budik DVM
Transit Valley Animal Hospital
7591 Transit Road
East Amherst, NY 14051

Regulations pertaining to unprofessional conduct are as follows:

  1. Unprofessional conduct in the practice of veterinary medicine shall include all conduct prohibited by Section 29.1 of this Part except as provided in this section, and shall also include the following:
    1. claiming or using any secret or special method of treatment which the licensee refuses to divulge to the State Board for the Professions;
    2. failing to exercise adequate supervision over persons who are authorized to practice only under the supervision of the licensee;
    3. failing to maintain adequate records of visits, diagnoses and prescribed treatments for a period of at least three years;
    4. using the word “Doctor” in offering to perform professional services without also indicating that the licensee holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine;
    5. claiming professional superiority or special professional abilities, attainments, methods or resources, except that a specialist may indicate a specialty that has been recognized as such by the Board of Regents. This provision shall apply in lieu of Section 29.1(b)(12)(i)(f) of this Part;
    6. guaranteeing that satisfaction or a cure will result from the performance of professional services;
    7. excessive administering of treatment or use of treatment facilities not warranted by the condition of the animal patient;
    8. abandoning or neglecting an animal patient under and in need of immediate care, without making reasonable arrangements for the continuation of such care; or
    9. entering into an arrangement or agreement with a pharmacy for the compounding and/or dispensing of coded or specially marked prescriptions.
  2. Distribution of information to members of a union, association or other organized group which has a contractual arrangement with a practitioner or practitioners for the provision of veterinary services at specific prices, which state the details of the arrangement including the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the participating practitioners, shall be deemed an appropriate means of informing the public of the availability of services.

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